About Us

Thank you so much for landing on our Velvet Fern online shop, have a look around to see what we're about.

Here's a little back story, to give you a feel for what Velvet Fern is all about, what we do and what you can hope to find within your shopping experience.

During the first lockdown in March 2020, it dawned on me, this was the first opportunity in adult life that I'd been able to take my foot off the gas and have a think about the direction I was heading in.

I'd been working from home for a long time, making curtains, blinds and soft furnishings, and over time that evolved into putting together single rooms or entire property restyles and makeover projects, so buying home styling accessories was already part of my job role, Velvet Fern just gave me the opportunity to upscale it. Lockdown changed the way I looked at the world, I had a sudden realisation that life is really short, and how quickly things can change. So decided to take action.

2020 I opened my first shop in Hay on Wye, Powys.

2021 saw my husband Matt join in the Velvet Fern fun as he left his job within the motor industry to join me at work.

2022 we landed the perfect shop in Ludlow, Shropshire and sadly made the choice to end our time in Hay on Wye as we realised we couldn't spread ourselves as thin as we'd hoped.

2023 and the website went live.....finally!

So here you are, in amongst some beautiful, creative home styling ideas, where you can browse and shop to your hearts content. Send us an email or call if you'd like any help or advice but ultimately enjoy yourself within our carefully curated range of wares. We always aim to offer the very best customer service as we want your Velvet Fern experience to be a positive one, every single time.

The website is a new dimension for us, so hang with us, there will be more lines added every week, but our logic is, we have to start somewhere! If you've visited the shop and can't see what you're looking for here, just message, it might be that we've just not got it on here yet but can still help you out.

We are on Facebook - Velvet Fern Home and Instagram @velvetfernhome where we post new items regularly and keep you updated with shop life comings and goings as well as little insights into our lives around the shop, juggling work with kids and the ramblings of a working mum with an overly cluttered mind.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy your visit, and any questions, just shout (or email / call / message via social media!)

Vicky, Matt and All the Velvet Fern Home Team.xx