Our Website is Now Live!

It’s been a big week at VFHQ!
We are VERY proud/anxious/delighted to have launched our website!
When we opened in Hay 3 years ago, I had deluded ideas that I’d get the website done on the days or hours the shop was quiet.
I’m not sure what trip I was on, but that was clearly the plan of an inexperienced dreamer!
It has taken hours, in hindsight I wish I’d tracked the hours we’ve invested. Actually, no, I’m glad I haven’t, I’d probably have some kind of mid life turn.
However, we’re at a place where it’s kinda now or never. So we’ve gone with now. We will be adding new lines weekly, there’ll be a newsletter showcasing new products coming (not quite sorted that bit yet) and we’re open to suggestions or feedback of things we could be doing better.
The “behind the scenes” logistics of stock has been a brain bender, the hours photographing, moving stock from the warehouse to the studio and back, thinking we’d done everything to realise we’ve missed a colour option on a product so have to set the whole thing up again.
It’s been intense.
A full time job alongside an already full time job.
There’s a few MASSIVE thank yous…primarily my websiting wing girl, Izz, our eldest daughter who’s been the driving force and kept this project moving forward. Self taught and fast becoming an IT problem solver, I am filled with pride and admiration, and so thankful it’s her I’ve been locked away in the studio with. My ever supportive husband @mattslandrover who’s cooked dinner alone while we’re pulling a late finish on photos, had to keep track of the stock situation, our warehouse has never looked so good! Annie, our youngest who’s spent too much time living amongst boxes of stock but is always so accepting and my good friend @kungfuconsultant who has literally stopped me going crazy when things just haven’t worked as they should.
@reliablehousesitter my Hay girl, who got the ball rolling during our lockdown days, who’s chats and IT skills gave me a slither of hope a website was achievable.
It’s done, it’s out there, I’m trying not to think of the critical comments because I’m really very proud of what we’ve accomplished.